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Convey Services connects suppliers to the revenue producers in their distribution channels to educate, engage and inform them, providing vital information and training needed to sell product and drive revenue.

Distributors, master agents and wholesalers often maintain and manage relationships with hundreds of suppliers, making it very difficult for revenue producers to find and act on information that they need to represent products and services to the marketplace. Convey targets markets where communicating supplier information has become difficult and cumbersome, consolidating information into a single online portal.


Convey is now the standard way that 37 telecommunications master agents inform, educate and engage over 10,000 sales partners. Our technology program enables sales partners to get the vital information they need to sell services in an increasingly complex marketplace characterized by a wide variety of connectivity and cloud solutions.


Master Agency Networks in the insurance industry need to deliver carrier updates, new business incentives, and industry updates to the members in their network. Convey's technology program consolidates this information into a single online content portal, making it convenient and efficient for agency owners and producers to get the vital information they need to drive revenue.


District Sales Representatives in a foodservice distributor organization must manage information from hundreds of suppliers. Convey's technology program enables the DSR to get the vital information they need to become the trusted advisor for the restaurant operator, driving more product sales. Deploying a Convey program in foodservice is a collaborative effort between sales, marketing, category management and purchasing.